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About Connie Robbins

Artist Statement:

Art is meant to show and share emotion and ideals. Teaching at the only rural public dormitory school in the country, growing up and living in the far stretches of Eastern Oregon has given me a unique perspective on rural culture and nature. Living closely with animals, hunting and preparing food directly from the source gives me a profound appreciation for the relationship humans have to animals. Art has become a way to commemorate and honor that connection and the lessons we learn from nature everyday.

I like the process of using Batik. Like life, there is much at risk when I spend hours on a painting just to cover it with wax, crumple it up and cover it in black ink. It doesn’t always come out as expected. The art process, life, animals, and our connection to nature teaches us much about life’s risks but also about the bountiful beauty. I hope to share that connection.



Connie Robbins has been an artist for over 30 years and has her Masters in Teaching. She was born and raised in Burns, Oregon. She credits her artistic influences to her mother and paternal grandmother who took the time to show her and her twin sister the importance of creating and showing art, respectively.  Over the years, Robbins has practiced all gambits of art including graphic design, fine arts including classical drawing, sculpture, collage, airbrush, oils, acrylic and painting. Her multi-faceted talents have won awards for commissioned airbrushed cars to receiving a recent fine arts grant through Oregon Community Foundation for an installation in the future community arts center. Currently, her medium of choice is Batik Wax and Watercolor.

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