About Connie Robbins

Artist Statement:

As a science and art teacher at Crane Union High School in Crane, Oregon, I get the opportunity to share my skills with my students…and I love it.  Almost all of my work is created with my students in mind…how and what will they learn…how can it be applied to their lives and what will they get out of each lesson? Art is meant to show and share emotion and ideals. It is my hope that my influence through art shares these meaningful thoughts and ideas.



I have been an artist for over 30 years.  I was born and raised in Burns, Oregon.  My artistic influences came from my mother and paternal grandmother who took the time to show my twin sister and me the importance of creating and showing art, respectively.  Over the years, I have practiced all gambits of art including graphic design to collage to classical drawing and painting. My medium of choice is Batik Wax and Watercolor…however, I am best-skilled in acrylics, oils, drawing and airbrush.